Friday, January 18, 2013

Three Greenville NC 2012 UFO Reports - A Review

I continue with the review of the 2012 North Carolina UFO reports - today - the Greenville NC area. 
Report One - Aug. 14th - east of Greenville, near Washington, nearest to Greenville of the three reports - a hovering blinking star that suddenly shoots all around the sky and avoids a plane coming into its space. Seen over an extended period of time - here's the MUFON report - Dropping And Rising Orb.
Report Two - July 9th - about 10 miles north of the report above, near Williamston - I'll let the MUFON report speak for itself:
While at work, a coworker and I stepped outside to talk for a minute. We then noticed a rather large, metallic object that a looked like it was hovering above the field just adjacent to us. It was hard to judge the distance but we dont think it was very high, maybe 1k feet or so and to the best of our ability wed judged the size to be somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 to 60 feet in diameter. It just hovered there. We watched it for a few minutes freaked out as to what is could be. Ive seen crop dusters in the area for years, and the helicopters that fly in and out of the hospital and this was nothing like that. While we watched it it made no sound at all, absolutely none. Then spontaneously the object darted off. It didnt travel horizontally very fast at all rather it accelerated vertically extremely quickly. It was gone within a few seconds. I have no idea what I saw today and have spent the past hour or so searching the internet looking at pics and for information. That is how I happened across this site. Whatever it was, it was worth reporting
Direct MUFON link To above report
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Report Three - Aug. 19th near Plymouth NC. - a REPEAT UFO viewer in a short period of time - light turns into three lights - then into Triangle Craft - hovered - then disappeared and reappeared at another point in the sky and then vanished. A great and detailed MUFON report that even included `Cell Phone Disturbence'  - freaky. More details worth absorbing. BTW folks in North Carolina - this one light turns into three turns into a Triangle Craft is becoming very very common and has been referenced in the UK UFO Disclosure.
MORE 2012 NC Reports soon, so check back.
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Friday, January 11, 2013

"Grey Looking Alien Shape Shadow" - MUFON Report - Winston Salem, 2012

In my review of `UFO events' reported to MUFON in 2012 - this first report has been the most unusual so far, as today I bring to readers the 3 `events' close to and classified as the Winston-Salem area of North Carolina. (As an aside I did marketing research projects in NC in Winston-Salem decades ago. Even did some touristy stuff. Only town, other than Richmond Virginia where a person could sniff the tobacco in the air.) 

Very interestingly, ALL three reports are west of the city and strung along Route 421 relatively near the intersection of Route 601 - quite curious, don't you think?

Anyway, the report itself is short and sweet, and brings to the forefront, just how strange the perceptions of `the anomalous' can be. Obviously the `alien'-ness of this is in question. So, the report is here - happened June 29th, 2012 around midnight:
`Shadow Alien' MUFON Report.

Oh, did I mention that the report indicates that the shadow alien was FOLLOWING a skunk? (Symbolic of UFOlogy?) The report also includes how long the view of the alien lasted.
Report Two - Also near Yadkinville, May 27th, about 10 PM, a steady moving star like (read Orb) that was silent and changed colors twice. 2012 Star-like object near Yadkinville North Carolina - you can dig even deeper at the link if you wish.
Report Three - A very bright `giant star' that flew in a zig zag pattern towards the moon's location in the sky and then quickly descended and vanished. Another Yadkinville UFO. Multiple witnesses. Find out the time of day at the report.
So, I hope readers are enjoying this North Carolina dedicated blog - tell a friend as NCU is only beginning it's review of the 2012 UFO reports. Thanks for your readership so far.
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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Western North Carolina Highlands 2012 UFO Reports

Hello North Carolina folk. I continue today with the 2012 UFO reports by citizens about sightings reported to MUFON.Com. Specifically today we'll look at several in the general area of Boone. Ready?
First up - near Boone - January 8th, 2012, a strange blue light near the ground close to residents home location for 15 minutes - the proverbial `it was gone when I returned' as citizen did another midnight action. Detailed MUFON Report - interestingly, when the citizen examined the area the next day - they found electrical lines and thought the object was drawing power from them. Hmmm.
2nd up - north of Boone - What became a near nightly bright and unidentified light, that in the report 9-22-12 about the 9-21 event ALSO turned into multiple objects in the sky. Citizen had Sheriff Deputies come out at one point. Interesting Account. `Never seen anything like it'.
3rd up - March 19th, 2012 - well north of Boone - Astounding Bright Light observed for nearly an hour - Not An Aircraft.
Unlike Sunday's post for the Asheville, North Carolina Area 2012 UFO Reports, today's highlands reports didn't have any pictures or videos - nonetheless, the above reports are of interest.
NCU will be doing this on a very regular basis in 2013 - check back frequently. Thanks for your visit - take a look at the NC UFO archives and the NCU sidebar too.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

NINE 2012 Asheville, North Carolina UFO Reports Via Mufon

Hello North Carolina. As some of you know, this is a `side blog' of my main UFO blogs. I started this blog in 2011 with about a dozen posts and then didn't post to the blog in 2012. And now, in 2013 - I'm going to use a new resource I found in 2012 to update this website on a regular basis - about 2012. Indeed, this will be one of the best `state' UFO blogs on the internet I hope. Well see.

Anyway, I've decided to start in the western part of NC - Asheville to be exact. The MUFON reports for 2012 showed that 9 folks took the time to report the high strangeness around them. Now, the reports:
The nine reports are scattered with some as far south on I-26 as the Henderson NC area. Indeed, I'll do that one first:
10-23-12, taking the dog out led to seeing an Orb for the Third Time one of which was also reported to MUFON.

3-21-12, great report WITH pictures of 3 tiny red lights forming a Triangle:
Orange-redish glow shaped like a parachute with fire coming out from underneath.  Shapes would rise up independently and join to form a triangle.  Several sets of triangles seen.  Slow moving in straight path.

9-2-12, near Biltmore Park area, pictures of rainbow around sun results in four UFO pictures:

And, the MUFON report is here Orbs Found In Picture Of Sun.

4-6-12, Fairview area down highway74A - Orb on mountain:
Orb On Mountain MUFON Report.

11-20-12, Daytime sighting of three part structured Orb with pictures too. Near I-40 and I-240

Here's the MUFON Report

2-10-12 - A WOW report for sure, witness reported seeing multiple lights on multiple days and invited others to observe - the result is a great report and great pictures.

The report on this one is just as interesting and involved the North Carolina Public Relations Director by name as one of the witnesses of this multi night event - Amazing 2-10-12 UFO Display.

For some reason the last part of this post vanished.