Friday, November 27, 2015

Cape Hatteras Sept 30th 2015 - Multiple Orbs?

The family submitted three videos - I happened to download one of the kids versions.. which is quite good. The report would suggest this went on and on for 20 minutes or so. Interesting but I wish the video showed more perspective on movement, etc.
Report - MUFON - Cape Hatteras Orbs

This is video I filmed on my phone camera and the quality is poor but it still gives a fairly accurate depiction of what I saw this past Thursday evening of September 10 at approximately 845 pm. This is video filmed over the Atlantic Ocean in Cape Hatteras North Carolina on a night with very gusty winds. These lights in the video were many miles out over the sea, miles high in the sky. My brother and I were sitting on the deck of our cottage when we noticed these bright lights appearing miles out at sea up in the sky in perfect alignment but the distance between them was a larger difference than it appears on the video, so if these were drones they would have to be quite large. It was very windy and it made the camera footage shake alot. These were not planes, helicopters, stars, flares or chinese lanterns. I have concluded that this must be either a type of military practice maneuvering (drones) or in fact a UFO. Many more appeared over the next 20 minutes in various formations appearing, disappearing, and reappearing. My niece and nephew also filmed them on there ipads and I ll post that below also. It was alot of fun to watch. They had an orange orb like appearance and at any time there could be 5 showing at one time.
Here's the video
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Friday, September 4, 2015

North Carolina UFOs 2015 - Concord Navy Veteran Photos And Films 3 Light Triangle Craft - Part One

First things first - EVERY state UFO blog that I host has seen nearly every picture link from MUFON ....... VANISH. MUFON is NOT being a caretaker of data to the public that get `publicized' such as in a blog like this. It gets worse about MUFON but this isn't the platform for it now... that said, since I've discovered this `editing' of data by MUFON - I only post pictures that I have downloaded onto my own computer first - same for videos.
Thanks for checking back to North Carolina UFOs.... I'm once again updating my state UFO blogging series... please check for my State UFO blogs in the sidebar too. North Carolina was the FIRST State UFO blog.
As fan of the state UFO series know - the purpose of the State UFO blogs is to focus on the pictures and videos of first person observers of the UFO phenomena. Here's a UFO observation from a former Navy Rescue man from Concord NC - he observed this on 6/11/15
`I saw a triangular shaped aircraft with pulsating lights over my house'
I came outside to take my dog to the bathroom and saw a triangle shaped aircraft with 3 white pulsating lights hovering then moving slowly NE then lights went off and the craft disappeared. I'm a former navy rescue so I know all about aircraft warning lights and I've never seen anything like that in the military.

One Photo

And a video was submitted too - but may not load as Blogger has been very sticky about load limits... not honoring even the 100M they claim to upload. 
It's a pretty amazing 11 second video:
It didn't upload despite being only 22M - what is going on - I've uploaded it to my Facebook Page.

See Part Two NC Tomorrow