Sunday, January 6, 2013

NINE 2012 Asheville, North Carolina UFO Reports Via Mufon

Hello North Carolina. As some of you know, this is a `side blog' of my main UFO blogs. I started this blog in 2011 with about a dozen posts and then didn't post to the blog in 2012. And now, in 2013 - I'm going to use a new resource I found in 2012 to update this website on a regular basis - about 2012. Indeed, this will be one of the best `state' UFO blogs on the internet I hope. Well see.

Anyway, I've decided to start in the western part of NC - Asheville to be exact. The MUFON reports for 2012 showed that 9 folks took the time to report the high strangeness around them. Now, the reports:
The nine reports are scattered with some as far south on I-26 as the Henderson NC area. Indeed, I'll do that one first:
10-23-12, taking the dog out led to seeing an Orb for the Third Time one of which was also reported to MUFON.

3-21-12, great report WITH pictures of 3 tiny red lights forming a Triangle:
Orange-redish glow shaped like a parachute with fire coming out from underneath.  Shapes would rise up independently and join to form a triangle.  Several sets of triangles seen.  Slow moving in straight path.

9-2-12, near Biltmore Park area, pictures of rainbow around sun results in four UFO pictures:

And, the MUFON report is here Orbs Found In Picture Of Sun.

4-6-12, Fairview area down highway74A - Orb on mountain:
Orb On Mountain MUFON Report.

11-20-12, Daytime sighting of three part structured Orb with pictures too. Near I-40 and I-240

Here's the MUFON Report

2-10-12 - A WOW report for sure, witness reported seeing multiple lights on multiple days and invited others to observe - the result is a great report and great pictures.

The report on this one is just as interesting and involved the North Carolina Public Relations Director by name as one of the witnesses of this multi night event - Amazing 2-10-12 UFO Display.

For some reason the last part of this post vanished.


  1. The picture of the plane is a plane.

  2. Hi, I have a site that focus's on UFO sightings on a worldwide basis but I am located in NC and I am always on the lookout for local UFO cases. Maybe we could help and support each other with sightings and stories. If this is something that you would be interested in please contact me at.

  3. Richard,

    Great job on your website.
    This blog is a side UFO blog for me that I intend in 2013 to use much more, as you can see I will be first focusing on the 140 some odd reports in NC in 2012.
    My main UFO blog is http://ufodisclosurecountdownclock.blogspot.com and I'm sure we could collaborate in some manner. (I'd be happy to keep you updated with my stuff there or here for that matter.)

    thanks for reaching out and I hope readers of this blog will check out your fine efforts.


  4. Live in Asheville I'm a OIF veteran i swear on my life. Its 2-21-13 time was about 8:15pm near the Asheville mall exit. Massive triangle in the sky with some type of red orange orb in the middle. Not the only witness traffic on the hwy basically came to a stop to look at this thing we all almost crashed. Unreal! The lights forming the triangle were distinct. This was nothing like ive everseen in the air. Besides like in PIC 1.


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