Friday, February 22, 2013

Veteran Swears HUGE Triangle Above Asheville, N.C. - 8:15 PM - Thursday February 21st (via blog comments)

So far, I have NOT been able to `confirm' this report in any manner; as NO MUFON reports from NC are listed in the latest MUFON 20 reports. Additionally, NO YouTube Uploads from last night for Asheville UFO via a search (I did find a recent one however and will be showing it below.) I will search a bit more later too, but, I bring this up as the comment suggests that MULTIPLE folks were observing this amazing sighting.

First, the actual comment - also found in our comments: I got this comment at 11:39 PM

Live in Asheville I'm a OIF veteran i swear on my life. Its 2-21-13 time was about 8:15pm near the Asheville mall exit. Massive triangle in the sky with some type of red orange orb in the middle. Not the only witness traffic on the hwy basically came to a stop to look at this thing we all almost crashed. Unreal! The lights forming the triangle were distinct. This was nothing like ive everseen in the air. Besides like in PIC 1. 
Oh, there was NO picture attached. HMMMM.
So, there is plenty of reasons to discount this report - but, it could also simply be `breaking' and I wanted to bring it to North Carolina UFO's and it's readership. I will be getting back to the 2012 reports soon in my quest to cover all 141 reports if possible.
Now, I mentioned that I did find a very recent UFO YouTube upload for Asheville - uploaded 3 days ago and taken on February 18th, 2013: 124 views, 4/0 pos/neg
link - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dI6nZrMwOYg
This is this guys ONLY video upload - (but why did he stop?) - sure appears to be an ORB and indeed is about the SAME TIME as the reported event of the headline. I have not checked yet to see if this has been uploaded at MUFON. The dude does seem sincere.
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