Friday, February 25, 2011

UFO over Southpoint Durham, NC

This was uploaded on Feb. 3rd and has 145 Views - here is the description:
My wife and I came out from the parking lot after dinner and then stopped to try and film this thing. No sound, a plane flew behind us which was drastically different than this red light in the sky. In the video, it has no color and is hard to make out exactly what it's doing. We continued to watch it for at least 15 minutes before it started to "bounce" and then disappeared upwards.

Here is a second video, this one shot on Feb. 21st in Charlotte - using their car in pursuit, a rare tactic. (69 views)
This is the description posted with the vid:
We saw this on February 21, 2011 in NW Charlotte around 11:30 PM. We drove down the same road three times and saw it in the same area all three times. However, when we would get close, it would move further away. It had way more lights than an airplane and was flying lower than airplanes were at that moment.
It flew over us at one point and it was a triangle shape. It possibly looked like a military aircraft, but the behavior, area, and time don't make sense as to why a military aircraft would be there.

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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Garner - January 30th, 7:48 PM - `Triangle UFO'

Like many unidentified flying objects - this is a `strange' lights in the sky type of event. That said, it is an interesting vid.

This is what is at the YouTube description:
Triangle Object.
Garner, NC
7:48 pm EST.

The first part of the video is the normal speed, second frame is reduced to 50% speed, third and fourth frame are reduced to 90% speed. The last frame color was inverted so you can see the strobe patterns.
Special thanks to Bigfeat!

60 views when posted.
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Monday, February 7, 2011

Atlantic Beach, North Carolina - `Called' UFO - Jan. 2011

Found a good one for you:

Seems this guy tried a little mental telepathy and lo and behold, ask and ye shall receive as the anomalous actualizes, perhaps. 269 views as of posting this.
Here's his post with the video link too:

Hello All, I watched a video of a guy on youtube that can command UFO's and sure enough he did... so I figure that I can try this since I am a little telepathic... I am not at my normal home in Garner, NC.. We are at our beach house in Atlantic Beach, NC. So our house sits on the sound and we do have a airport near... us in Beaufort, NC. So I figured that I try what the shaman did in his video and kind of telepathically ask for ET's to appear in spaceships.. low and behold, it happened... I was watching this huge plane come in (thought it was a plane) then all of a sudden... it stopped in mid air, did a complete 360 turn and went the opposite direction and this is when I turned on the camera... then you see it going off in the distance and then disappeared into nothing..

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