Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Highlands UFO Security Cam Captures Unknown Object

The below event happened August 22nd:
(report link above)
From a professor at Georgia Tech: 
I run a UFO camera in Highlands. I got the attached 3 frames on August 22st around 5 PM. The object goes from the left to the right of the video frame. It moves across the frame in 1 second. My frame rate was approximately one frame each .25 seconds. Start viewing “Possible UFO-2 22 04” Then “Possible UFO -2 22 04.5” Then “Possible UFO -2 22 05”. That sequence will take you from left to right which is the order for viewing (left to right). 
I have magnified the object and it does not look like a bird or insect. I am sending you the high resolution version so that you can see the object in detail. I have never seen an aircraft that low in the mountains. The speed is what is interesting. It goes from right to left in just over a second. 
It is a true UFO, but it could have an explanation if better video quality were available 
The Photo Sequence
Orbs over this area of the Appalachians is not unusual as North Carolina knows. Obviously however, not enough is seen in the photos above to be definitive IMO.
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