Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Western North Carolina Highlands 2012 UFO Reports

Hello North Carolina folk. I continue today with the 2012 UFO reports by citizens about sightings reported to MUFON.Com. Specifically today we'll look at several in the general area of Boone. Ready?
First up - near Boone - January 8th, 2012, a strange blue light near the ground close to residents home location for 15 minutes - the proverbial `it was gone when I returned' as citizen did another midnight action. Detailed MUFON Report - interestingly, when the citizen examined the area the next day - they found electrical lines and thought the object was drawing power from them. Hmmm.
2nd up - north of Boone - What became a near nightly bright and unidentified light, that in the report 9-22-12 about the 9-21 event ALSO turned into multiple objects in the sky. Citizen had Sheriff Deputies come out at one point. Interesting Account. `Never seen anything like it'.
3rd up - March 19th, 2012 - well north of Boone - Astounding Bright Light observed for nearly an hour - Not An Aircraft.
Unlike Sunday's post for the Asheville, North Carolina Area 2012 UFO Reports, today's highlands reports didn't have any pictures or videos - nonetheless, the above reports are of interest.
NCU will be doing this on a very regular basis in 2013 - check back frequently. Thanks for your visit - take a look at the NC UFO archives and the NCU sidebar too.

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