Friday, January 18, 2013

Three Greenville NC 2012 UFO Reports - A Review

I continue with the review of the 2012 North Carolina UFO reports - today - the Greenville NC area. 
Report One - Aug. 14th - east of Greenville, near Washington, nearest to Greenville of the three reports - a hovering blinking star that suddenly shoots all around the sky and avoids a plane coming into its space. Seen over an extended period of time - here's the MUFON report - Dropping And Rising Orb.
Report Two - July 9th - about 10 miles north of the report above, near Williamston - I'll let the MUFON report speak for itself:
While at work, a coworker and I stepped outside to talk for a minute. We then noticed a rather large, metallic object that a looked like it was hovering above the field just adjacent to us. It was hard to judge the distance but we dont think it was very high, maybe 1k feet or so and to the best of our ability wed judged the size to be somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 to 60 feet in diameter. It just hovered there. We watched it for a few minutes freaked out as to what is could be. Ive seen crop dusters in the area for years, and the helicopters that fly in and out of the hospital and this was nothing like that. While we watched it it made no sound at all, absolutely none. Then spontaneously the object darted off. It didnt travel horizontally very fast at all rather it accelerated vertically extremely quickly. It was gone within a few seconds. I have no idea what I saw today and have spent the past hour or so searching the internet looking at pics and for information. That is how I happened across this site. Whatever it was, it was worth reporting
Direct MUFON link To above report
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Report Three - Aug. 19th near Plymouth NC. - a REPEAT UFO viewer in a short period of time - light turns into three lights - then into Triangle Craft - hovered - then disappeared and reappeared at another point in the sky and then vanished. A great and detailed MUFON report that even included `Cell Phone Disturbence'  - freaky. More details worth absorbing. BTW folks in North Carolina - this one light turns into three turns into a Triangle Craft is becoming very very common and has been referenced in the UK UFO Disclosure.
MORE 2012 NC Reports soon, so check back.
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